At BIG Buds we do all the work for you, we search for better prices and better quality.


As a wholesale distributor we have the means to ensure our clients get their flowers fresh.


We want to break the stigma that all flowers are expensive. We provide flowers that are affordable, without compromising quality


 BIG Buds Group is a fully equipped wholesale florist and we provide a wide range of services

Auction Services

We are registered at the Multiflora flower auction an can buy flowers on your behalf.

Wholesale Services

We have a wide range of products and services available from our local and international suppliers.

Direct Retail Services

BIG Buds Group Creates a range of Floral Products that can be bought directly form us at wholesale prices.

Sourcing Services

We want to help you find the best prices and products for your needs.

Delivery Services

BIG Buds Group has short distance delivery services available to regular customers..


Meet the floral experts!

Albert de Beer

General Manager and Shareholder

Albert has been with BIG Buds from day 1

AJ Bester

Operational Manager and Shareholder

AJ has been with BIG Buds from day 1